DFI has designed equipment and procedures to improve our efficiency at every turn. We’ve also ensured we have a well-trained team to deliver quality projects through any challenges. From start to finish, we do everything we can to make your projects run smoothly.


Whatever the job requires, we have the equipment and materials to deliver projects on time and on budget. DFI’s equipment is custom built to handle the toughest climates and most rugged, remote terrains.


Our knowledgeable team draws from over 25 years of field experience safely installing steel piles and piling products around the world. We are able to source high-quality product and install it quickly and easily so your projects run on time.


At DFI, we lean on our years of field knowledge and experience to reliably deliver projects on time and on budget. Our expertise enables us to anticipate and solve challenges so that we avoid any negative impacts of variations.


After consulting with clients, we’re often able to create pile designs that suit current material availability, reduce steel requirements, and increase the chance of a smooth installation in the field. Our stock of over a thousand metric tonnes of piling materials allows us to react quickly, while our ongoing relationship with prequalified mills in Asia ensures we are able to import the highest-quality piling materials as needed.


With DFI on your side, you can build with confidence.


Expertly Designed. Reliably Driven.





At DFI, we believe that safety is everyone’s business, and we have the safety record to prove it. The extensive safety program we created continually evolves with the foundational belief that safety requires leadership and commitment from the owner down through management and supervision to the workers on the ground. Learn More


From day one, DFI’s focus has been on delivering responsive, innovative, and reliable service wherever our customers needed us. This remains as true to us today as it was in 1969. Learn more


We are proud of the skilled group of engineers, manufacturers, and field professionals on our team. At DFI, we seek out individuals with experience and confidence who are passionate about their work and can solve problems in the field. If you’re looking for a rewarding career, consider DFI. Learn More

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