What We Do

We’ve got it Handled

At DFI, we place top priority on efficiency. Everything we do makes your project run smoother to save you time and money. We provide a full range of services, backed by years of experience delivering quality steel piling projects around the world.


We are proud to be a leader in the Australian market for the supply and installation of driven piles. DFI ensures your projects use the most cost-effective number, size, and style of piles. Driven piles have consistently outperformed other piling options by providing a more economic foundation for all geotechnical conditions in the region.


DFI’s modern fleet of equipment has been custom built to Australian quality standards, and designed to withstand Australia’s demanding climate. Specifically created to be agile, our equipment can reach rugged, remote locations with little site preparation required for a complete rig up.


Our work process has been designed to enable a small, highly trained crew to do work that has traditionally required significantly more resources. With fewer people on site in safe, air-conditioned equipment, we are able to work quickly in even the most challenging conditions.

DFI draws from our pipe supply and install experience in North America to maintain a well-stocked reserve of piling materials. Our piling inventory positions us to start projects quickly and respond to changing needs without delay. We have also developed strong relationships with suppliers in Asia to guarantee we only ever receive materials that meet the highest quality standards.


In addition to pile surveying, driven and helical pile installation, and pile cap installation, we also offer pile pre-drilling and removal. All of our services are completed by an extensively trained team that is capable of handling any issue as it arises so we can get in and get the job done.

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