Pile Installation (Driven and Helical)

Versatile Equipment for Every Job

Our extensive range of purpose-built pile installation equipment allows us to tackle tough terrain in remote locations, harsh climates, tight overhead spaces, and environmentally sensitive sites. Our durable purpose-built cranes have proven to be the best multi-purpose machines in the piling industry.


Built Rugged

When designing our cranes, we prioritized functionality and durability. Each piece of equipment is purpose built for optimal piling operations, and carefully designed to be as agile and light as possible while still delivering on the most rugged demands. As a result, our equipment can be hauled and set up faster and easier, making it cost-effective and efficient.


Driven Piles

For over 25 years, DFI has been safely delivering high-quality designs for driven piling foundations around the world. Our well-trained crew specializes in finding ways to minimize materials and deliver more cost-efficient designs that outlast the competitor.


Driven piles often perform exceedingly well in Australia for a number of reasons. They provide an easily repeatable, economic option that utilizes fewer raw materials and can be quickly installed and tested. Deep foundation steel piles are well suited to our ground conditions, both to combat soft ground and expansive soil concerns. This means we are able to deliver a reliable product that lasts.


Our steel piles cost less to manufacture and install, and can be stocked and ready for use, allowing shorter lead times and a quicker project completion. Additionally, our specialized purpose-built equipment has been developed to provide safe, air-conditioned spaces for workers. It also requires less preparation and manual labour in the pile installation process.


As a result, we are able to complete jobs in a fraction of the time with a streamlined crew of highly trained individuals while reducing exposure to workplace injury.

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