Pile Testing

Build with Confidence

Foundation projects vary immensely in size and requirements. DFI has a skilled team backed by years of field experience and state-of-the-art equipment for our clients to rely on. Our team assesses geotechnical data and structural needs, and develops a dynamic load testing program which enables our engineers to execute the pile testing using DFI’s pile installation equipment. We follow up with a report including recommendations and pile design assessments.


Verify Designs

DFI performs load testing on site to confirm pile capacity, which is monitored in real-time as the pile is driven. We are also able to perform quality control checks on the pile once it has been installed. Our team can then validate the accuracy of pile design by determining the ultimate capacity of the pile.


Peace of Mind

Our team uses its expertise to design, manage installation, load test, review pile reports, and provide as-built drawings for any size project. Once a project is verified, you can be confident the installed foundation will perform to specifications.

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